Precast Restoration Services (PRSUS) started in 2006 with the sole purpose being to provide concrete repair and patching services to precast manufacturers. Our business model is to focus on providing high quality work, timely service, and accountability with a close management of manpower. This model has forged strong relationships with our precast clients. It’s this relationship with quality services that has enabled us to expand our services to more than 20 precast clients across the eastern half of the U.S. and we are ready to expand further!

Our work has been recognized by Sidney Freedman of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). We are one of five precast repair contractors that he refers across the U.S. Additionally, the Founder/President of PRSUS is a moderator for the PCI Patching and Repair Workshop and our procedure manual is part of PCI’s literature for this workshop.

At PRSUS, we know the art of concrete restoration. We specialize in:


  • architectural repairs
  • structural repairs
  • decorative repairs
  • color matched repairs
  • masonry & concrete staining
  • waterproofing
  • chemical cleaning
  • sandblasting
  • caulking
  • grouting
  • crack repairs
  • hydrophobic foam injection
  • parking structures
  • high-rise repairs
  • natural stone repairs

Aside from our repair services, we have developed a cementitious spray finish that very closely resembles the architectural precast finish.  Sample photos can be found in our Photo Gallery.  We can mimic from a light blast to a medium blast and all depths of acid finishes.  The spray finish's best uses have been when applied to the backs of panels.  This means that areas such as lobbies and balconies can have a very similar finish as the exterior architectural precast.

We currently have three remote locations (locations are noted with a red star on the map below), but we perform our work all across the eastern half of the United States.  We have worked as far west as California and Washington!

Precast Restoration Services

  ...the Art of Concrete Restoration