Alec Altman is a successful entrepreneur and is the sole owner and President of PRSUS.  Alec Altman has been in the construction industry since the beginning of his working career in the mid-1980s.  He became a journeyman carpenter and concrete mason while he went to college at nights and became a Civil Engineer, graduating from Drexel University in Philadelphia. As an engineer with a true hands-on knowledge of the construction trades, Alec Altman progressed to managing the design-build division for an engineering company in New Jersey.  In 2004, Alec Altman started an engineering and project management company serving the precast concrete industry.  In 2006 he created PRSUS Inc, an architectural precast concrete repair company. 

In 2006, Alec Altman was the president and owner of an engineering and project management company serving the precast concrete industry. That’s when he recognized the precast concrete industry’s desperate need for a reliable, competent repair contractor.  So, later that year he created PRSUS Inc. (Precast Restoration Services) with that sole purpose in mind.  PRSUS started with 3 employees serving the precast concrete industry in the Pennsylvania market.  PRSUS capitalized on Mr. Altman’s engineering and business knowledge to propel itself well beyond its competition to where it is today.  PRSUS is a niché business with 95% of its clients being repeat customers, consisting mainly of precast concrete manufacturers. We now have 30 plus employees and have increased our territory to cover the eastern half of the US.  We are still based out of Pennsylvania, but have satellite locations in Florida and Texas to better serve our customers nationally.

PRSUS has become an important component in improving the precast concrete industry too.  Our organization, skills, and quality have been recognized by the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI), the governing body that regulates the precast concrete industry.  They appointed Mr. Altman as a speaker at their repair conference and even use PRSUS’ “Architectural Precast Repair Procedures Manual” in their PCI Repair Guide.  In addition, PRSUS is one of five precast repair companies nationally that PCI recommends.

PRSUS’ successes are only the beginning.  We are constantly committed to setting new and greater goals focused on improving quality, coordination and accountability, while remaining affordable.  This is a proven model that has and will continue to facilitate PRSUS’ growth and expansion across the US.  At PRSUS we are ambitious, yet we remain extremely loyal to our current customers.  We will never lose sight of any customers’ needs, no matter the size of the project or the customer.