Our repair services range from architectural with the finest of details to the most critical structural repairs. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • architectural patching
  • color/texture matching
  • color/texture issues
  • epoxy and hydrophobic sealer injection (on architectural and structural finishes)
  • structural grouting
  • structural strengthening and cutting of all precast and CIP concrete elements, along with waterproofing and caulking

We have also developed a cementitious spray finish that very closely resembles the architectural precast finish.  Photos of before and after repair work, as well as sample spray finish photos, can be found in ourPhoto Gallery.  We have worked on a variety of buildings from high-rise buildings from Miami, Dallas, New York City and Boston, all with architectural precast and/or limestone precast panels. We have worked on all types of architectural finishes from exotic acid etch finishes with pigmented veining to all levels of sandblast finishes, exposed aggregates and polished. We have also repaired natural stone cladding on panels like limestone and granite.


In order to help precasters manage the patching and repair, we can provide our services on a lump-sum cost based upon an anticipated repair scope. In general, this scope covers all typical repairs that can be expected on a project. To keep costs down we do not anticipate repeating errors beyond the standard patching. Overall, we look to help reduce your time managing projects during the precast finishing phase. This starts from when we are given the green light on a job. We provide, schedule and coordinate all equipment, including manlifts, and materials (including epoxies, cements, repair mortars and pigments but excluding aggregates for finishes). We are technically capable of handling and printing erection drawings and shop tickets in paper and electronic formats. We can work from marked up punchlist drawings. In an effort to help the precasters close out their projects, we have teamed together to ensure their end-customer understands the nature of precast, its repairs and the appropriate expectations of precast and its repairs.

We offer two different scopes of work, which can be viewed below: